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PMC General Meeting 
June 2, 2016
Sharp Park Library from 7pm - 9pm
Bring the SPARK back to your relationship! - With Alicia Davon.
One of Alicia’s specialties in her work is supporting singles and couples to create what’s called an “Eternal Date”, which is a romantic relationship that reaches higher and higher peaks of intimacy and sexual attraction over time. Often in the midst of big life transitions such as having children, this connection can get lost or get put on the back burner. On June 2nd Alicia will address some simple ways you can bring the romantic spark back into your relationships (or enhance the spark that is already there!). 
Alicia’s Bio
Alicia Davon has been supporting singles and couples in their love and sex lives with her husband Erwan since 2004. Prior to partnering with Erwan, Alicia graduated with a Masters in the field of Integral Psychology from John F Kennedy University, with a focus in women’s romantic and sensual expression. She was also a facilitator of women’s groups devoted to fulfillment in all aspects of life from career to relationship.
She was drawn to the “work” of Erwan Davon Teachings because of the enormous difference the organization had made in her life and the lives of somany around her.
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